About Us

Project Nine Engineering is owned by Clifford Lowe, a highly experienced Porsche mechanic with over 30 years experience.

Cliff honed his skills as a Workshop Manager and Head Technician at a leading and well known independent Porsche Garage in Kent.  He worked there for 15 years, diagnosing every kind of Porsche problem and repaired and fine-tuned countless engines for dependable, race-quality performance.  He was responsible for repairing and maintaining Porsches for a national racing team, applying a deep knowledge of Porsche engineering to deliver top performance and total reliability - in all conditions.

It is because of this unique level of experience that the bar is set so high at Project Nine Engineering.  Bringing world-class Porsche excellence in workmanship to his own independent Porsche garage, Cliff ensures that the culture at Project Nine Engineering is one of excellence, great customer service, quality of workmanship and professionalism.

Cliff draws on his extensive previous experience which influences Project Nine Engineering on a daily basis.  Porsche has a fine history of racing engineering and Cliff has experience of working on several vintage Porsche cars.  He has completely restored racing classics such as the Martini Carrera 911 RSR and Porsche 959.

He is understandably proud of his outstanding record and - whatever Porsche model you own - he looks forward to utilising this knowledge for the care of your Porsche.

Project Nine Engineering has a number of other highly experienced and qualified mechanics and technicians who work alongside Cliff to deliver the best in Porsche servicing, repairs, and restoration. It is this expertise that they bring as individuals that make Project Nine Engineering as good as it is today.

We believe that you deserve the best customer service, experience and professionalism when it comes to your Porsche and we are proud to deliver that.

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